THD Hemorrhoid Therapy

Recently we have added THD hemorrhoidectomy to our lists of hemorrhoid therapies.  I am very impressed with the results.  While nothing is pain free, the pain is significantly less than a traditional hemorrhoidectomy that is the mainstay of therapy.  Many patients that in the past would miss work for several weeks have come back to our clinic and reported only a few days of discomfort.  The difference is dramatic.

This procedure involves using an ultrasound to identify the artery that feeds the hemorrhoid.  We then ligate the vessel.  There is no cutting.  Here is video describing the procedure.



I am even more excited about the theoretical decrease in complications.  It is not uncommon to see patients have anal stenosis (or narrowing), stool leakage, or prolonged wound healing after a hemorrhoidectomy.  While our clinic specializes in repairing these complications from hemorrhoidectomy, THD, in my opinion, may eliminate or significantly reduce the complication rate.  This is because we usually do not have to make an incision.

I am very excited to offer this procedure as an operative therapy for hemorrhoids.  While most complaints can be managed without surgery, this is an exciting option for the patients of the OKC metro area.