Post-Operative Complications

One of the more difficult parts of any colorectal surgeon is managing expectations.  Many of the patients that come to our clinic have seen a local or regional general surgeons and maybe other colorectal surgeons.  Often times they had perfectible reasonable treatment plans, but they are not happy with the results.  Unfortunately, in the modern health care world, it is difficult to spend enough time discussing likely outcomes.  We are more than happy to see any patient that has questions or is concerned about post-operative complications.  We may not be able to fix the problem, but we will certainly listen to your concerns and work with you to maximize your quality of life.

We have developed an entire team that is dedicated to our particular patient population.  We are, to my knowledge, the only clinic in the metro affiliated with an ostomy clinic.  We have a dedicated, experienced registered nurse to answer calls and facilitate outpatient needs.  We also have a dedicated pelvic floor physical therapist.  Not to mention, our clinic has reached out to other providers throughout the metro to get our patients to the right doctor if we needed.