For Patients

By far the most fulfilling rewards we receive as healthcare professionals, comes from helping people. We want our patients to know that when they walk into our office they are the focus of our time, expertise and professional experience, and that everything we do is to help them continue on life’s road leading healthy, productive, happy lives.

We will spend whatever time is necessary to make sure our patients understand their treatment plans and whatever procedures their care may entail. And, we’re dedicated to making sure each patient is comfortable during their visit and leaves feeling better about themselves.

We’ve put this website together to provide useful information for your visit. You’ll find info on scheduling appointments, patient forms and pre-op and post-op sedation info in this section of our site.

New Patient Forms

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Patient Treatment Forms

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Sedation Consent

Patients Sedation Pre-op Instructions

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Sedation Instructions

Patients Post-op Home Care Instructions

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Post Sedation Home Instructions