Robotic Surgery

Certain areas of the body are difficult to approach using conventional minimal invasive techniques.  In addition by using advanced technology we can improve where laparoscopy fails.  Indeed there were two recent publications in JAMA that questioned whether we should be doing laparoscopic rectal resections at all.  Advanced technology such as the DaVinci Robot provide increased visibility and manipulation compared to laparoscopic surgery.

Our expertise in robotic rectal surgery is unmatched in the OKC Metro area.  We have performed more colorectal robotic surgery cases than any surgeon in the metro area.  We are the only clinic that is listed on the DaVinci site which requires a minimum number of procedures to be performed.

The robot has allowed us to perform numerous surgeries with smaller or hidden scars. Perhaps, my favorite part is when we see a patient the afternoon following a morning robotic surgery and they have little to no pain and want to go home.  Compared to the week long hospital stays I saw during residency, it is amazing.

We are happy to offer the following robotic procedures:

  • Robotic Colon Surgery
  • Robotic Rectal Surgery
  • Robotic Ostomy Reversal
  • Robotic Rectopexy (for rectal prolapse)
  • Robotic Ventral Hernia Repair
  • Robotic Incisional Hernia Repair
  • Robotic J Pouch Creation or IleoAnal Anastomosis