Colon and Rectal Surgery

Some surgeons will approach a difficult Colon and Rectal Surgery case with the mindset, “can I do this procedure laparoscopically?”  We look and ask ourselves, “why can’t we do this using minimally invasive techniques?”  This mindset is crucial in pushing yourself to providing the best care for your patients in minimizing recovery, hospital stay, costs, etc.  Unfortunately, not every patient is a candidate for minimally invasive techniques like robotic or laparoscopic surgery. In this case we, will perform an open procedure.

Several studies have been produced showing that surgical technique is the most important predictor of cancer survival in rectal cancer.  It is critical that your surgeon be specially trained in performing rectal surgery.

We utilize many innovative technologies and techniques such as an Applied Wound Protectors, separate closing trays, pre-operative complex carbohydrate drinks, and Covidien staplers.