Colorectal Infection Prevention
Over the past 1-2 years, Norman Regional Hospital has been leading an intense effort to reduce surgical site infections.  Colon surgery, by its very nature, is one of the dirtiest elective surgeries performed.  Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to eliminate infections.  In fact, the…... [read]
Take Steps
We are proud to be a part of the Crohns and Colitis OKC event, Take Steps, that will be held on 8/24/2017.  It will be held at Saint Anthony's hospital.  We have spoken at the Crohn's support group before.  Having a disease like Crohn's or…... [read]
Lauren Hill, PA-C joins CRCOK
We are happy to announce that Lauren Hill, PA-C has joined CRCOK!   As we continue to grow, she will be instrumental in helping our patients. She is a native of Roland, OK.  After high school she travelled to Fayetteville, AR for college.  Despite her…... [read]
TAMIS, No Scar Surgery
I have become more amazed at the ability of the TAMIS platform to help remove rectal polyps.  Prior to this device we had to invest in a very expensive and cumbersome platform.  Now we have the ability to remove polyps up to 15-20 cm without…... [read]
Post-Operative Complications
One of the more difficult parts of any colorectal surgeon is managing expectations.  Many of the patients that come to our clinic have seen a local or regional general surgeons and maybe other colorectal surgeons.  Often times they had perfectible reasonable treatment plans, but they…... [read]
THD Hemorrhoid Therapy
Recently we have added THD hemorrhoidectomy to our lists of hemorrhoid therapies.  I am very impressed with the results.  While nothing is pain free, the pain is significantly less than a traditional hemorrhoidectomy that is the mainstay of therapy.  Many patients that in the past would…... [read]
Young patients with Colorectal Cancer
We are attempting to continually add information to our blog.   Recently we have had numerous people under 50 years old develop colorectal cancer.  It is important to diagnosis this as early as possible.  If you are having any symptoms like bleeding, constipation, etc. please…... [read]
ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting in Los Angeles
Recently I had to pleasure of attending the annual scientific meeting of the American College of Colon and Rectal Surgeons in Los Angeles.  It was a great meeting that allowed me to catch up with colleagues from around the country and Canada.   Numerous seminars…... [read]