ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting in Los Angeles

Recently I had to pleasure of attending the annual scientific meeting of the American College of Colon and Rectal Surgeons in Los Angeles.  It was a great meeting that allowed me to catch up with colleagues from around the country and Canada.  

Numerous seminars were interesting including diverticulitis and rectal cancer.   I think it is fairly convincing that laparoscopic rectal cancer is not as good as an open procedure.  Robotics in my opinion holds great promise in minimizing life disruption and still obtaining a good resection.  It is exciting times for colorectal surgery. 

While there we began the process of acquiring THD hemorrhoid technology.  Classic hemorrhoidectomy while very effective does cause short term discomfort.  THD carries promise as a way to minimize downtime after surgery.  

I am also very excited to offer genetic testing in our clinic using Myriad.  While our clinic has always followed recommendations regarding testing for certain genetic defects.  Myriad allows us to greatly speed up the process.  What used to take a month can now be done in 10 days.