Young patients with Colorectal Cancer

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Recently we have had numerous people under 50 years old develop colorectal cancer.  It is important to diagnosis this as early as possible.  If you are having any symptoms like bleeding, constipation, etc. please discuss these with your physician.  You probably should look into a colonoscopy.  It is also important to mention your family cancer history.  Remember it is likely to be something as simple as hemorrhoids or ulcers, but it could be a curable cancer.

Young patients offer unique challenges that include fertility and cosmetic concerns.   Nearly all patient are concerned about sexual and bladder dysfunction.  My experience is that robotic surgery assists  with minimizing while not eliminating these complications.  It is important to discuss these concerns with your surgeon.

We are proud to offer Myriad genetic testing in our office.  Most young patients have been covered by their insurance companies.  It may not affect your treatment plan, but it can affect your children’s surveillance options.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions.